FLY’S EYE VASE small/ivory white


We are introducing the ivory white Fly’s Eye vase with her abstract design for bold and modern appeal. She appreciates simplicity, you can say her motto is: “less is more”. Thanks to the unique and minimalistic shape, even without flowers it can be a defining sculptural detail. Certainly, it will make an impression on all your guest.

H=160 mm, W=122 mm,
Ø holes 15 mm
Color glazed porcelain.

Made in Poland.

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Fly’s Eye Vase consists of two parts: a water container and a perforated dome covering it. The latter is a flower holder, which supports flowers in a vertical position, separates them from one another and helps with arranging. This way every flower gets proper care and attention. Still, all flowers share the same water container. Only a thin stripe of the container base is visible from the outside for a perfect finishing detail.

Fly’s Eye vase is a must-have for flowers lovers. Just imagine how much fun you will have arranging bouquets in it!

– The dome and the water container are covered with glaze only partly, so you can experience the natural feel of raw porcelain.
– Fly’s Eye Vases are handcrafted in small manufacture in Walbrzych, Poland, where each hole of the dome is drill manually in the leather hard stage of unfired porcelain.
– The container holds enough water to dip just the ends of flowers, this way there are no leaves under the water, which can quickly rot and harm the flowers.
– Did you know, that in order to keep your flowers fresh longer the water in the vase should be refreshed regularly? The water container holds a limited amount of water to remind you about changing it more often.

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Weight 0.9 kg
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 cm





Fly's Eye Vase is wrapped safely in a gray foam bag. A smart way to keep your vase safe.


Water container is covered with the glaze inside and on the visible edge.

The dome is covered with glaze outside and only partly inside.


All items are hand made and because of that may vary in color or shape.